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To me be nice
[working title]

PHOTO: Romain Tièche

Choreography and Performance: Tommy Cattin & Joséphine Auffray

Musical composition: Romain Tièche


To me be nice is a 20-minute duo project created and conceived by the Italo-Swiss choreographer and dancer, Tommy Cattin, and the Franco-German performer and choreographer, Joséphine Auffray.

In this duo, loosely inspired by pair skating, the audience's expectations for a powerful and technical discipline are humorously defused from the very beginning.

Starting with the virtuous image of preparation for an artistic skating sequence, this performance humorously proposes to alter the realm of physical and athletic perfection, taking the body on a journey into the depths of its carnal vulnerability.

This duet encourages reflection on how we perceive our bodies and how our prejudices and social categorizations hinder our ability to understand, accept, and consequently, comprehend and interact with others.

First week of residency, October 2023, STAMM studio, Switzerland

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