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In his professional dance practice, Tommy has always placed great importance on teaching, always seeking to rethink how he could share his experience in various movement languages in order to broaden the approach to dance. Over the past five years, he has conducted movement or dance workshops in Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, the United Kingdom, and France. These workshops were aimed at various groups, including people of different ages with no experience in movement, professional dancers or dance students, or actors. He is committed to sharing his practice with any kind of community or group.


Open level workshops

In his workshops open to all levels, he aims to offer everyone the opportunity to move, guiding each person to dance easily, smoothly, and joyfully. He has observed throughout his life the difficulty people encounter in deciding to move and dance. There is no judgment in this observation, but rather an acknowledgment of the many physical and therefore emotional blocks that are buried in our bodies and prevent us from moving freely and consciously. Often Tommy encounters people who tell him they would like to start moving, but they are afraid or feel they cannot do it. What he wants to offer with his movement workshops is an opportunity to dissolve such common thoughts. In his workshops open to all levels, often based on improvisation, he has had participants of various ages, from six to seventy years old, and in the end, everyone has always danced and smiled.

Professional classes

In his classes for advanced or professional dancers, Tommy develops a practice inspired by a conscious approach to the body through somatic methodologies. This awareness aims to lead dancers to optimize their expressive and physical skills. However, technique is not neglected. His classes include various exercises that highlight the application of somatic processes in a dynamic context. He likes to focus on spinal mobility, the use of floor work, and the presence of the performer. His technical practice is inspired by various contemporary dance techniques that he has practiced over the years, but also by methods such as Feldenkrais or the Alexander Technique. Another source of inspiration that is an integral part of his attention to the notion of intention and presence of the performer comes from years of practice in physical theater and Tanztheater, as well as from various experiences in traditional dances of southern Italy such as the Pizzica and other tarantellas.

Somatic workshop

The somatic workshop comes from Tommy Cattin's experience in teaching somatic practices in different contexts: medical courses for massage, theatre classes, dance and movement classes. The aim of this course is to develop a somatic approach of movement and a holistic experience of the body. Such experience can be applied then in any type of work, creative or in daily movement practices.

Open rehearsals

The open rehearsal happens during the creation process of a piece, where the audience is invited to come and watch one rehearsal. After a time spent observing, a discussion is created between the artist and the audience in order to create a bridge between what they have seen, and the methodology used to choreograph a dance piece. We have also done such experience with professoinal dance students that were able to actively suggest ideas and opinions about the piece that was being choreographed under their eyes.


Past workshops and classes 

  • January 2024 - Profitraining Basel, Basel, Switzerland

  • October 2023 - Dance workshop on physical theater and creative strategies, Théâtre du Jura, Delémont (CH), Switzerland

  • October 2023 - Audience mediation on Pina Bausch's work in the context of the performance Vollmond, Théâtre du Jura, Delémont, Switzerland

  • October 2023 - Dance intensive week for children and teenagers, creation of a dance performance with them, Delémont, Switzerland

  • October 2022 - Dance intensive week for children and teenagers, Delémont, Switzerland

  • 2022 - Movement workshop for all, Viadanse, Belfort, France

  • 2022 - Sharing of end of residency, Viadanse, Belfort, France

  • 2022 - Movement workshop for all, Théâtre du Jura, Delémont, Switzerland

  • 2021 - Workshop at the Theatre Company Vol de Nuit, Delémont, Switzerland

  • 2021 - Movement workshop at the Corte Ospitale, Rubiera, Italy

  • 2021 - Movement workshop at Teatro Dimora l'Arboreto, Mondaino, Italy

  • 2020 - One week-long workshop with professional dance students from Alma Pro, Bologna, Italy

  • 2020 - Open-level workshops and rehearsals, Delémont, Switzerland

  • 2019 - Dance and repertoire workshopfor BA students at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, UK

  • 2019 - Dance teacher at the Dansk Talent Akademi, Holstebro, Denmark

  • 2019 - Workshop of the repertoire of the Black Box Dance company, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2018 - Technique class teacher at the Studient Union of Trinity Laban, London, UK

  • 2017 - Dance teacher assistant for children classes, Trinity Laban, London, UK


  • From 2021 - biannual teaching of three days-intensive workshop of somatic practices and body awareness at the Centre for Medical Massages in Bienne, Switzerland

  • 2021 - 2023 Occasional Pilates classes

©Marinel Mittempergher

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