The Asphodel Meadows is a section of the ancient Greek underworld where ordinary souls were sent to live after death. The souls sent in those fields led an in-substantial existence, and committed neither crime nor virtuous action during their life.
Triomphe is a new piece for four dancers, choreographed by Tommy Cattin, which will bring the audience into those meadows, interrogating who are those inhabiting such landscape. 

Choreography: Tommy Cattin

Performance: to be announced

Set Design and Costumes: Damien Comment
Collaborative Lighting Designer: to be 

Music Supervisor: Tommy Cattin

Further news, partners and dates to be announced. 

"A quoi servirait notre vie, 

A quoi nos batailles perdues,
sinon à un Triomphe dont s'est perdu le sens, 

et pour porter en fraude les hommes

sous l'oeil absent des douaniers - 

une nouvelle beauté panique." 

                                            Benjamin Fondane, Ulysse, 1942

Work in progress following the first residency of work: 

Picture by Marion Joray

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