Première 02.04.2022 - Théâtre du Jura, Delémont (CH)

Co-Produced by Théâtre du Jura and fOrum culture

Choreography: Tommy Cattin

Production Assistant: Giordana Patumi

Performance: Simea Cavelti, Marco Rizzi, Josh Scott, Alma Steiner

Set Design and Costumes: Damien Comment
Collaborative Lighting Designer: Jérôme Bueche

Music Supervisor: Gaspar Narby and Tommy Cattin

Imagine a plain where would be sent the souls of the beings who led a listless life on Earth, those having accomplished nothing in their lifetime, nor good or bad. Tommy Cattin wants to take the audience on a journey through a landscape made of myths and questions, where the dancers' trajectories intersect and collide.


TRIOMPHE is born of a desire to question our feelings of banality, as well as our need for heroism, in an era marked by a striking return to the insignificance and the ordinary of our daily life.

Performance dates:

2022 - 2nd & 3rd of April

Picture by Marion Joray