Duet and Shifting Ground


Choreography: Tommy Cattin

Performance: Mischa Hiltensperger & Erick Danta

Duet and Shifting Ground is a work commissioned by the Théâtre du Jura in the context of the Bis Bâle project, which aim is to establish a cultural bridge between the regions of Basel and Jura in Switzerland.

In this duet, Tommy Cattin has the privilege to choreograph two dancers coming from popping and break dance. This collaboration is a rich artistic encounter, aiming to cross borders of genres between urban dance and contemporary dance, in search for a common language to explore gravity and our relationship with the ground.

This project is made thanks to the support and the collaboration of "TheMovement", dance school based in Pratteln. 

Next performances:


13th & 14th of May - Tanzfest 2022, Basel, Switzerland



9th & 10th of October - Théâtre du Jura, Delémont, Switzerland