Choreography: Tommy Cattin

With the collaboration of the dancers and the team

Performance: Sara Maurizi, Virginia Poli, Tommy Cattin

Costumes: Susanna Cati and Giordana Patumi

Music: Tommy Cattin

SOIR HB is a piece for three dancers, choreographed by Tommy Cattin. This piece aims to question the emotional and physical imprint left within us by the Beauty when it touches us, brushes us - and the way in which the sensations that flows from this encounter become part of our body.

In space, the dancers are sharing a moment of sunset, captured during the creation process, and then abstracted and used as a catalyzer of the whole theme presented above. 

Dancers are like sponges trying to absorb this last moment of daylight, constantly changing the colors of their movements. In this brief moment, bodies meet for a common dance, respond to each other, before expanding again towards personal memories that move them like the image moving the observing eyes. 

Premiere on the 30th of October 2020.

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