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Choreography: Simea Cavelti & Tommy Cattin

Performance: Simea Cavelti & Tommy Cattin

Costume: Julie Lahoual

Music: Steve Reich, additional production by Tommy Cattin and Gaspar Narby

Co-Produced by Théâtre de Sévelin

Supported by fOrum culture

Aléa  is a dialogue between two bodies in motion that echo and influence each other. This duo is an exploration of the body's capacity to respond to phenomena out of control, an organization of movement in time and space through two bodies dancing intrinsically.

Past performance :

2021 - 18 December

Galerie FARB, Delémont (CH)

2021 - 25, 26, 27 November

Les Quarts d'Heure de Sévelin, Lausanne (CH)

2021 - 29 August

Thuner Kulturnacht 2021, Thun (CH)




Partners and support:

CieEREM_Alea_211125_075_© Philippe Weissbrodt_loRes.jpg
CieEREM_Alea_211125_137_© Philippe Weissbrodt_loRes.jpg
CieEREM_Alea_211125_115_© Philippe Weissbrodt_loRes.jpg

Pictures by © Philippe Weissbrodt

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