EREM dance is a professional dance company created in 2020 in the Switzerland by the Swiss-Italian choreographer and dancer Tommy Cattin.

This artistic structure aims to support Tommy Cattin's artistic creations in the field of dance and performance. Its aim is also to promote dance to a wider audience, through the organization of workshops, classes and open rehearsals in the places the company frequents during its creative periods.

Through EREM dance, Tommy Cattin wants to unite around his artistic projects international multidisciplinary dancers and artists who have crossed his professional career in the past years, thus giving a broad and multicultural radiance to this new artistic project.


Dance is the main medium explored by EREM dance. However, it is important for EREM dance to integrate in its research and creations an open and interdisciplinary approach of the performing arts, interweaving dance with all other artistic forms that can respond to it, complement it, flesh it out, sublimate it and evolve in line with its time.


EREM, from the French word "érème" (from the Greek word ἔρημος) meaning uninhabited place, place where man does not venture.

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