Sorry Flowers Die


Choreography: Jay Yule & Tommy Cattin

Performers: Jay Yule & Tommy Cattin

Sorry Flowers Die is a piece that presents two people who are sharing a same close space. Soon it appears that the physical proximity drawn by their environment does not allow themselves to find real communication.

Their shift between unknown and privacy is also a journey between absurdity and tenderness, a strange cohabitation that still reveals their inability to communicate with each other. The only word these two people have to comunicate is « sorry ». What do we allow to reveal of ourselves in a relationship with someone, between privacy and misunderstanding? 

The piece has been performed in different venues in London such as Siobhan Davies Dance, Centre 151, the Bloom Festival 2017 and the Follow Up Festival.  

Jay Yule

Originally from Edinburgh, Jay is based in London. Regularly performing with two girl movement bands, Thrush and The Yonis. Both of them making multi-disciplinary work with the intention of empowering fellow women.

Jay aims to thread this same intention into her own work, giving women a platform to take space and make noise.

As a choreographer her work is inspired by real life human relationships, things going on around her and often has an element of surrealism. Having recently performed work by Hofesh Shechter and Heidi Rustgaard she enjoys performing set material but finds her real artistic flare within the freedom that comes with improvisation.

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